my friend elizah and i were having lunch off broadway one day and after putting our names in for a table, we walked outside. there, in the doorway. was a pretty, shapely woman with long brown hair, tight black jeans and cool sunglasses. i whispered to my friend that i thought that was matraca berg. elizah, being in the music biz, says "who’s matraca berg?" i roll my eyes and explain. she’s one of the premier songwriters in nashville, written hit sings for trisha yearwood, pam tillis, she wrote strawberry wine for deanna carter. when i was stuck in a crummy job in cleveland and heard that song on the radio i’d think "i want to be a part of this" so, as I’m telling my friend this whole story she’s elbowing me gently and i say, "what?" "she’s right behind you." i slowly turn around, and at her table, which overlooks the bench we’re sitting on, is miss berg is looking right at me. i’m somewhat flustered but I manage to say without my voice squeaking, "i’m a huge fan. i’ve got all your records." and she replied "oh, you’re the one…." she’s so cool. go out and buy her cd "lying to the moon".

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