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new release 6/2013

I’ve already written about “Turtles are home” in my last post, but, I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. It features my first cello I’ve recorded. I had a woman I met at the local music store play the part first.

We had a “who’s on first” conversation about the key and clef that cellos play in. (“C” and “Bass,” we figured out.) She did fine, but, I was looking for a little something more, something undefinable. After listening to the parts during mixing, I thought I should try again. Mike Bush, my engineer, said to call a friend of his. I did. He came over and had the third and fifth fret of the cello marked with masking tape. Quizzically, I had him play the parts (he’s really a violinist, who doesn’t read music). He sounded better, but, I wasn’t psyched about the track.