“peanut butter fish”

A new collection of songs for kids the whole family will enjoy. This is the long awaited follow up to “I Have a Pet Snail” and it’s for a little older age group: fourth to sixth graders. There’s reggae, rock, country, and swing. Lots of horns, guitars, and toe-tapping fun. Some of the songs may seem a little outrageous but it’s all harmless entertainment!

Listen to audio samples below: You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, or you’ll just hum along. That’s cool, too. But whatever you do, do it with gusto. And panache. And maybe a little parsley on the side. You know, just for a splash of color. That way, when you’re done, people will say, “Hey, that person just did something! Did you see them do it? It was amazing. You really missed out on a very panache-y experience.

cowsAnd you should have seen all the parsley. It was everywhere! It was like a parsley factory exploded. Oh, the humanity….so much parsley! What were they thinking?!”

So remember…don’t go overboard on the parsley.

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