“i have a pet snail”

“Nashville-based, multi-talented Bill Crosby combines wit, terrific musicality and story-filled lyrics in 10 outstanding songs for kids. Crosby’s vocals are reminiscent of Randy Newman on the title track ‘I have a pet snail,’ a clever rhyming song youngsters (especially boys) will love. Other outstanding cuts include the big band sound of ‘Cat’s Pajama’s,’ and ‘It was my brother’ — a raucous testament to how kids pass the blame to the other guy. Top-notch musicians guest spot; Crosby, we want to hear more from you!”

Nashville Parent

Two ‘big fans’ in Northern California wrote, “I’m typing with one hand because my 4-month-old is sitting on my lap as I write. We’re listening to your fantastic CD, and she keeps squealing with delight. She’s never reacted like this to music before. Now I don’t have to listen to boring music with annoying lyrics. Keep up the great work.”

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I Have A Pet Snail


Big Pig


Mosquito From Toledo






It Was My Brother


Cats Pajamas


I’ll Be Sleeping In The Car




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