“happiness bringer”

So, the east coast tour of Virginia(um, Gloucester,really) has come and gone.

The  x99.1 morning show was about as much  fun you could have without

bandaids and new pants ! Artists  Nate Sparks and Judy Pancoast  chimed in

with music,stories, and laughter .  Hosts Neal and Karl are a rare, somewhat

extinct breed:  radio personalities.  The show had  live entertainment, much

humor, and free donuts!  For  the “christmas in july” concert friday night ,we

played to  a small, but merry audience. we had taken” timbuk one” to get to

the show so we were on time… (ask Judy about that)

Saturday was spent swimming,antiquing( a player banjo?) and Jay’s home

became nap central.  I so appreciated Jay   and his family’s hospitality !

If you have a pool that overlooks a river, you have done well in life.

( why he would bother  managing artists, i do not know:)

Sunday was  a blazing hot day, but, we had a show to do and  we brought it.

Bena country store was a nice cozy venue(that’s what everybody says when

not too many people show up), great people, and conveniently located about a

mile from Jay’s. The owner’s young son, George  became my show

sidekick,dancing like a wasp attack for most of my songs. ah, kids..

Friends of  Dee’s came  from Norfolk to see the show. cool people.Those

VanHook’s have great taste in music   hahaAnnie’s young son,Sam was

listening to the ‘peanut butter fish’ cd

(which they had just gotten at the gig at Bena country store..but available

on line at billcrosbymusic.com 🙂

and he said,

“He is a happiness bringer.”

” Who is ? ” his mom replied.

” bill crosby. He made us all just fall in love with him…”

who could ask for a better endorsement ?

bill crosby : happiness bringer,

that has a nice ring to it….

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