new kid’s music cd!

An antelope who wants to get married, a manatee inventor and a llama who wants to act can only mean one thing: a new kid’s CD from me! I don’t know EXACTLY when it’ll be done but i can tell you this: it’s going to be FUN!

The usual cast of characters have recorded so far: Emmett Ientilucci (drums), Mark Horn (gtr), David Earl, Mitch Reily (sax), Jeff Rogers (gtr), Mark Easterling (gtr), Steve Holland (percussion), Francie Smith and Rae Hering on background vocals.

Filling in for Mike Bush on bass is the Philly man, Bobby King. It’s been a lot of work so far, and scheduling has not been easy, but soon, we shall unleash this music to the world!

This project has been co-produced with Rob Tew, keyboardist, guitarist, and audio engineer maniac. A man who wears many hats but is always in style (I just made that up, I think).

If you’ve seen my “pet snail” video you know my lady friend, Denice. she has been inspirational (and my family has been, as well) and because of her help, I was able to get Grammy nominated blues guitarist, Dave Perkins, and trombonist, Barry Green (from Larry Carlton’s band), to add their talents to my songs. Good people make me sound good!

Marin Miller also added her unique talent to a song that wasn’t even a duet until I heard her sing. I am psyched for everybody to hear this new music!

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