my latest kid’s cd, “boomerang orangutan,” is released.

Boomerang Orangutan CD Cover

Here’s a cool review of “Boomerang Orangutan” from bassist Bobby King:

“I got the CD in the mail today (thanks!) and listened to it on the way to a gig. It sounds great, excellent job! The songs are all lively and humorous, plus there’s a good variety in terms of styles and grooves. The mixes sound very good too, BTW. Most importantly, I think it will actually appeal to children :). I’ve played on other children’s projects where I thought it was either too adult, or too patronizing to the kids. Your CD has enough interesting and clever things going on to hold kid’s interest, it doesn’t talk down to them, but isn’t over their heads either. Again, great job and good luck with it!” ——Bobby

brief descriptions of the songs:

Boomerang Orangutan: a percussion driven, hi-energy song about finding a primate in the back yard, and doing the right thing.

Glad Somebody Likes me: a country” like” duet featuring marin miller.

Bookworm: a reggae/ country song about reading and wriggling.

Chocolate everywhere: a rockin’ mess of a love song about sweet stuff.

Antelope: a jungle” one love” song about an antelope who wants to get married.

Butterfly someday:an uplifting song about keeping your dream alive.

The Manatees: A rockin’ reggae groove tune about creative thinkers and being one with the environment.

Selfish shellfish: a “warren zevon” style piano rock song about a fish that thinks he’s king.

Good: A guitar rock song that puts the dumb in stardom 🙂

Happy to be Home: a swingin’ tune with a little big band sound.

Hello Dalai Llama: a quiet acoustic song about a llama who wants to act on Broadway. Hello…

Available now! Click here to buy it @ CDBABY!

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