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I always wanted to be a cartoon. I mean…all the songs I write for kids could be cartoons.

One of the great things about putting out kid’s CD’s is that I get to work with talented and creative people that understand that I am a little nuts. A perfectionist, but nuts. Not a perfectionist, perhaps a visionary. A blurry visionary, because I don’t always know what I want, but I know what I don’t. (whew, that was an easy explanation). I loved Aimee’s cartoon, which was inspired by a postcard I saw (and bought) in Florida. I became fascinated with this photo of a manatee and her young one, peaceful in cool, green water. I wrote the tune, then used her cartoon for my CD artwork. My pal Jay in Virginia (who got me on the radio there), knew Velicia, a graphic artist. I sent her the original cartoon and the song. I told her I wanted a “zen like” video. Many months and revisions later, we have liftoff! Before I perform this song, I tell audiences that it’s a song about creative thinkers and being at one with nature.

Manatee as metaphor.


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