new tunes…

As always, I’m working on some new tunes! I’m recording guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards, percussion, and horns here at the house. Then I’m mixing at Mike Bush’s studio (he makes it all sound good). I have a song about bullying that my mom thought would be a good idea (“Even Oprah has done a show on it, you should write a song about that!”)

Must not crack under pressure…

I had a few ideas mulling in my creative brain, but, my sister had her students brainstorm and they came up with the line “Be a buddy, not a bully.” Boom, there’s a chorus!

It was a true collaboration of many people, lyrically and musically. Roger Morris played a fantastic piano part, Steve Ebe played drums, Jeff Rogers rocked on guitar and special guest Gene Miller sang backgrounds vocals.

The other song I’m very proud of is about turtles. My lady friend Denice came up with the title and I was off and running (writing, rather, but you get the idea). I played her an early demo version of the song, and she reminded of a line I forgot to put in, so it became the bridge.

It was great having her help me write the thing, and I’m proud of this one. It’s a slow song,in case you were wondering … 🙂

I’m planning on “releasing” new songs on CDBaby, Reverbnation, Facebook and my website. No plans to do a whole CD, but one never knows what the future holds!

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