fall 2013 blog

How do I start this story? I was at The Family Wash,here in East Nashville,watching Tom Mason perform his pirate songs. Tom is super talented songwriter and guitarist.He had a young lady playing violin with him. I was impressed by her playing, and after the show, I went up to her and said “you were great and I don’t even like violins ”.She got a kick out of that, and I found out she had studied at Berkeley(which is why I liked her playing,that’s a jazz school) I also got introduced to Tom’s new manager. That got me thinking:I need a manger. I called him a few days later to talk shop.He said he’d gotten most of the gigs himself(he is a tireless gig go-getter).I also asked for Maria’s,the violinist, number because I ‘m working on a new tune that she would sound great on.Tom told me that the guy who normally played kid’s music on family night at the Family Wash had left town and I should be playing there. A huge compliment, it was. He called them,and I dropped off a cd and bio.
No response.
I had a vacation coming up and offered to drive a new car from Chattanooga to Ft Myers Florida for my pal, Keith. An incredible present for his daughter.
So, I was chilling in sunny Florida and I get call from Tom:
” Remember when you said you’d play bass for me if needed ?”
I said “Sure,it’s not this week is it?” Thinking the gig was in Nashville.
”It’s this thursday in Destin ,Florida.”
“Dude, I’m all ready in Florida!!”
I changed my flight from Tennessee to Pensacola,rented a car to get to Destin,checked in at the hotel and waited for the band ,who were driving a van,to get there.
I had arbitrarily brought a “do rag “ on my trip, and wore that for the pirate gig.
I pretty much was winging most of the tunes, but, had a few good musical moments.It was fun playing with the drummer,Pete.A good drummer makes everything better.We headed back to Tennessee first thing in the morning,all of us piled into the van, with the gear.So, as we are driving and chatting, Pete tells me he’s seen my kid’s cds at the Family Wash, untouched. He says ”I’ll get you in there.”
Lo and behold, about ten days, later Pete texts me: ” You want to fill in tonite for Family Night?”
I called most of my band, but, ended up playing an acoustic set with Alan, my slide guitarist.
Much fun was had. I was nervous, but, we played fine, and got a good response.Next wednesday I’m thinking “Didn’t Pete text me around this time last week?”.Boom.A text comes through. Another gig!
This one I played solo.That’s fun.Some of the same people came back again,with their kids.That is always cool to hear.So, we are now rotating weeks.It is great to perform and see the smiles from the kids, and parents, alike. Cindy,my fav female vocalist, came in last week and things got a little crazy.We handed out percussion “eggs” to a few younger audience members and their lack of proficiency was distracting to the rhythm guy (me!).At one point, during one of Alan’s solos, Cindy asked me if we had another egg. I nodded and pointed to my lyric folder on the floor.I realized, as she bent over to pick it up, we weren’t going to get back to the mics in time to sing the chorus together.
So ,we didn’t.
That caused much amusement to the writer (me!).I mean ,you can’t have a song without a chorus ! This is America ! So, we’ll be back in a few weeks for more musical insanity. I love it!
I am recording two new songs at a studio owned and operated by Marv Treutel. “Bill,didn’t you say you loved recording at your house?”Yes, I did. But, Marv has won me over with his cool studio.
We are also hoping to get this summer’s “Shakespeare in the Park” live performance,edited,tweaked and onto the website, and YouTube in a few months. All in all, it’s been a great year, and hopefully, more gigs and new tunes in 2014!