“smile all day” cd info

smile all day: steve ebe: drums;tony villanueva: percussion; francie smith: bgv’s; tommy z: accordian; lyle brewer: electric gtrs; craig fletcher: banjo; dave francis: bass; dennie kirtley: trumpet; barry green: trombone.

do what you wanna do: chris long: drums/percussion; mike barrick: bass; roger morris: keys; erin parker: bgv’s; mitch reilly: saxes/horn arr.

red balloon: deanie richardson: violin; neil konouchi;tuba; barry green: trombone; dennie kirtley: trumpet; zane baxter: guitar; dave francis: bass; francie smith: bgv’s.

mr elephant: chris long: drums; chris mike: bari sax/bassoon; bob williams: guitar; melodie adams: bgvs; neil konouchi: tuba; roger morris: keys;

big mouth: emmett ientilucci: drums; mike bush: bass; tony villanueva: percussion; cindy shelton & Lindsay ellyn: bgv’s; trombone: oscar utterstrom.

thundershirt: dennie kirtley: trumpet; brad albin: bass; chris long: drums; roger morris: pno.

pink stuffed bunny: (stephanie crosby/bc); erin parker: bgv’s; craig fletcher: banjo; brain peck: banjo; dave francis: bass; chris long: drums;

hound dog band: dave francis: bass; tom mason: guitar/harmonica; erin parker: bgv’s; micheal j. petrantoni: electric guitar; barry green: trombone; ending: errol flynn w/tom.

lucy and the blue footed booby (by k.miller/bc); emmett ientilucci: drums; mike barrick: bass; erin parker: female vocal; david earl: saxes; oscar utterstrom: trombone;

common sense: chris long: drums; mike barrick: bass; roger morris: keys; chris mike: alto sax; barry green: trombone; melodie adams: bgv’s; lyric assistance by alina celeste;

produced by bc and marv treutel

recorded mostly at marv’s studio 2013: 2014; mike bush (mix consultant)

mastered by kevin nix @ardent studios,memphis

songs published by winter zen music(ascap)

special thanks to: the crosby, luyk, liska, and costello families, the keith maas family, the david white family, the mike barrick family, the hicks family (hi, dee oxoxxo), laura donohue, MAS, The Family Wash, lake street dive, NOLA, jay mathieu, neal and reese@wxgm, sam ash, kim russell (wahoo designs), brian granfors, alan young, pat mcinereny, zoe, kris miller mcbride, maria hambas, mary sack, jim wolf, charlie kavannaugh, john rampino, chris west, tony gross jr, buzzo, gary holt, miche fambro, monk, marley & miles, God and any other friends that i forgot to mention…

extra special thanks to all the musicians who lent their talent to this project! I am humbled and honored to have you play my music. 🙂

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