holiday bonus track

After having a blast calling in to the xtra 99 morning show, with dj’s neil and carl,(they’re playing my songs,ma) I was scheduled for another call in interview . the day came, I was up early and tried the number . busy . busy again..hmmm i tried another number and got the Dallas offices..they were not aware of me, or even them. Tried the number a few more times(ok o.c.d. mode: a few too many times) and finally got through! They were up in ears because I hadn’t called and refused to play any more of my music, then added “besides, I didn’t have any christmas songs”. we decided that I’d call back in a week. (In my own defense, the number they gave me was being used for a contest that morning.) I hung up the phone and said to myself “I’ve got write something now!” I pondered: Christmas…Santa…I wrote the song over the next few days and demo-ed it here at the house. It was written, recorded, mixed and sent out in less than five days ! sometimes ,I even amaze myself. must’ve been the spirit of the season ..enjoy!

Click here to hear: I wish Santa was on the radio

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