Enjoy this bonus track.

My friend keith and I were working on getting some of my songs to Disney/Pixar, because I want to be a cartoon someday. The woman he was talking to in Virginia worked for Radio Disney. She was thrilled to find out I was writing kid’s music and had some great suggestions on how to get my songs out there into the world. She also suggested writing songs for the National Ad council. She said “He could write songs to help them, something for kids with asthma, like ‘Where’s my inhaler?’.”

When I heard about this from Keith I thought to myself “That is one of the most hilariously unwrite-able song titles I’ve ever heard.”

But sure enough, a few days later Keith and I were still giggling about it and I said, “What would even rhyme with that? Lung failure?

I told Keith I had to hang up the phone right then, because inspiration had kicked me in the head. I was actually going to sit down and write the unwrite-able song. As it spilled out from a smile to the guitar onto the page, I realized I could probably write a song about anything!

The fun thing for me was: once I got the demo done with guitar, bass, and horns, I sent it to Emmett, Drummer Extraordinaire, and he played drums to it on his home recording studio and emailed it back. It sounds like he was right there in the studio with us, but he was actually playing in upstate New York months later! The wonders of modern technology…

Enjoy this bonus track, Where’s My Inhaler?

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