“Boomerang Orangutan” Review by Andrea Guy

Bill Crosby offers up an album of children’s music called Boomerang Orangutan that will delight the adults as well as the kiddies. The album is pure pop goodness, with lyrics that are funny and melodies that are catching.

Bill plays in many different styles and the lyrics are about different subjects, but they all share one thing—a very polished performance. Bill isn’t really singing just for kids—he’s singing for everyone who will listen. Songs like “Chocolate Everywhere” have an almost top 40ish sound, with great guitar riffs. The lyrics are silly but they aren’t childish, which means parents won’t be embarrassed if the CD is left in their car when they are traveling with the kids.

The best description of Crosby’s music might be somewhere between Squeeze and Jimmy Buffett, and that’s further proof that this is just not your usual album of kids’ songs. Bill seems to focus on the kid that is in every one of us. Whether he is singing about the love of books (“Bookworm”) or the joy of someone liking you (“Glad Somebody Likes Me”), the songs speak to the heart of the listener.


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